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Bachelor of Commerce

The Bachelor of Commerce degree is designed to provide a student with a wide range of managerial skills while at the same time, builds competence in a particular area of business studies (see below). Most universities therefore, plan the degree such that in addition to their major, students are exposed to general business principles, taking courses in accounting, finance, business management, human resources, statistics, marketing, economics, information systems. Other established business schools have strengthened their programs by requiring business students to also take introductory calculus at the undergraduate level as part of the degree program. For a comparison with other business degrees, see Business Education.

Honours Bachelor of Commerce

The Honours Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com. (Hons) or B.Comm. (Hons) or H.B.Com. or H.B.Comm.) is a four-year commerce degree in business. It may consist of a four-year program,[1][2] or of a one-year program taken subsequent to a three year Bachelor’s degree.[3] The degree requires additional academic courses to be completed with higher academic performance standards and may also require a researched thesiscomponent. The Honours Bachelor of Commerce degree also serves as an abridgement between the undergraduate program and postgraduate programs,[4]including the Master of Commerce (M.Com. or M.Comm.) and the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees. The subsequent one-year of study is often focused exclusively on a single subject-area.[5][6]

Areas of study

Depending on the institution, a formalacademic major may or may not be established. Regardless, a Bachelor of Commerce degree requires students to take the majority of their courses in business-related subjects, namely the following and others depending on a student’s particular interests.

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